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The Year in Review

Well things and times do change. And I Have seen a lot of things that has happend to me in those times. 1997 was indeed a special year and I present to you a segement of my first enty of my diary for 1998. in which I take the time to reflect on my past year.

... well here to a new year and I wish 1997 the best. I have had many things that has happened to me in 97 some i would like to remember ano others I wish could go forgotten. In 1997 I found love and lost it and found love but was not quite ready for it.. Love is such a strong thing for me.. as I step in to 1998 single .. I only hope that I will be able to find a sista that I can know i will be with, cause im not the type of person that wants to be in and out of relationships. I know that I will have a better year in this endeavor cause I will not be so quick to jump into a relationship but give it a chance to develop.

My interactons in 1997 has been great . I have had the opportunity to meet all types of people. Some of which has been very influental on my life and personal decisions. My only reget is the fact that I did not take the time to write my thoughs down in 97 .. a mistake that I shall not make again in 98. In 97 i have met people that made me think ..made me laugh and made me cry (now most brothers wont be a MAN enough to say that ) yes I showed all my emotions in 97 and its something that I will continue to do in 98. Now with all interactons there are some good ones and some bad ones. And with all the bad ones what they has done is made me a stronger and more commited person in the long run. I continue to remain strong though God's grace and blessings and I pray that God will place more people in my life that will make me even more stonger.

1997 at Beaver College has be one crazy year .. but Im glad to say that It ended Great ... with me posting a 3.0 average for the past semester and me making a career decision in going into Computer Science as my major. Now I must say that it was a intersing year .. Being a RA .. Co-chairing the Gospel Choir, and tring to be a positive African American Student at Beaver, because even though I may be going there for a degree Im also here to prove all my doubters wrong. That an African American student can suceede in a predominatly white school both academicaly and socialy by not tring to be somebody else but being me Aaron Stallworth. And for all those people that know me know that thats just fine *S* In 1998 as I commence on another semester here at Beaver . Only hope for the best as I strive for the 4.0 and the Deans list .. working on leaving that lasting inpression on all that I meet there. Cause I know that Im here for a reason and Im not leaving until that degree is MINE !!!

A fact that I cannot forget is my Family ... I think that this past year has shown me how supportive they are for me and How very much I do love them .. My mother who through all my ups and downs in the eary part of the year was always supportive of me. There would be times in which I would often question why my mother would say and do certain things. But now I understand more than ever that I am her first and that she loves me very much.. and that she only wants the best for me. We even gotten to the point that we communicate trough e-mail at school *S* My mother has always been a strong person and I credit her strengh and faith in God to all that I do .. cause I would not be the person that I am with out my mother. So if people want to credit my personality i say thank my mother. To my two sisters who I know now more than ever that they will be there for me. Nichole and Christa are indeed my heart and soul and even though I have been away at school I have tried to do all I can to be there for them and they have done the same for me. Nichole I am proud of cause I know that she is going to college after busting an 880 on the SAT and to my little wonder Christa she is knocking them all down with her smarts and skills. I am proud of both of my sisters. Now I also look at the fact that I did indeed spend another year with out my father and to that fact I do think about often. I was asked by my boss before the year was out why do I work so hard. Well I often tell myself that I will not be like my father and make the mistakes that he made. I understand that I am the man of our household and I feel that I dont want to let my mother down by doing wrong cause I know that she trusts me to do right. My father is often my motivation to all that I do .. My sucess in school, my job I cant see myself doing what he did. I was named for my father's love and I know that he still loves me and although he is not here I have made the adjustment in my life that will help me to remain stong well in to the 21st centry. My uncle however I owe a great thanks. Just for the simple fact that he has done so much for me in 97. He has helped me work through some of my greatest problems and helped me see further in to things. He has open my eyes with is wisdom and I cant stop thanking God enough for keeping him healthy and here with us.

Our society in which we live has gone through great changes. With another year with Clinton as president and looking at the state of race relations in the US I feel that there is still more work to be done. Racisim is a something that I dont condone at any way shape or form. I feel that all people are equal and that God does not make any mistakes when he makes a child. WE have to find a better way to come to a better understanding among all races in the US. Yes I know that this is not a easy task and that I can not be acommplished in one night ... but I wish that the correct means are taken so that a step forward can be made in improving race relations in the US. As Biz Markie said " the ink is Black the paper is white together we Learn how to read and write."

Well why did I write all of this .. well I hope and pray that all of you have the opportunity to look back at your last year and think about all of the things that has happend to you and hopefully you have learned and made the correct decisoions from them. to all those who come across this I wish you only the best in 1998 and that God be with you in all that you do . Peace and Much Love always ..

Aaron Devon Stallworth Jr. copyright 1998