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My Shouts Page !!

Well I decided to do this page for all my WBS peeps thats always keep it real *S*
This page is far from finished .. please give me time OK !!

The Original Tommy Hillz - He and I have been cool ever since i first stepped in a chat room !! He has shown me all the ropes and made me an Offical EX-F.A.M. This Philly Brother always Keeps it real !!

My Boy Extreme777 - now this brother is all around cool *S* Respected by all cause he respects himself. He and I have numerous conversations about whooping each other in Live 98 !!

The Picture Framer herself Baybee73 - Now this lady has done so much for my pictures and me .. and also been a great friend in the process .. Now who could ask for anything more from a friend !!

The HTML lady herself Jacinda22 - now she and i have been really cool ever since we been producing those phat homepages with enough java to last us both a life time .. *S* She has been so sweet and smart too .. how could you not like her *S*

The CEO of Philly Finest Inc. GQ6 - This brother and I go Back to the days of chilling in VBS around the way *S* who would have ever thought that you would remember peeps from that far back !! But in the same sense we still have been real cool and remain good friends .. Thanks bro .. *DAPZ*

One of the 2 groups that I assoicate with on WBS .. we always remain Tight !! Thats what the F.A.M is all about !!

The srcond group that I roll with in which I am the Executive Vice President. I got much love to all those peeps from Philly and those who be keeping it real on WBS ..

The Wise Majestic Lion - This bro is one of the coolest peeps that you could meet! Always full of insightful knowlege and every now an then a instersting wise crack about yours truly .. *S*

dare100 - now here is another cool brother .. *S* Always positive and always has something instersting to talk about .. He cool with all peeps and I have nothing but respect for him .. *DAPZ*

diyah - now this lady has my heart .. *S* always full of kinds words when ever I come in to the room .. she sweet and sensitive .. Just like me *S* Just the type of girl that I would want in a relationship .. *S* I love you for that ..

Illbedamn - Now here is one of the Funniest Brother's In WBS .. always keeping it real but letting you know in His own special way when something is off the mark .. *S* Him as his Phat Shack are one of the phatest pages on the net !!

YBE - now this sista and I have been cool since back in the old days of WBS chat .. she had shown me a few Homepage tricks and hooked me up on her page .. always a pleasure to talk to and always sweet !!