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Some More of my Poetry

Well Here are a few more of my poems. Hope you enjoy them !!!

The Moment by Aaron D. Stallworth, Jr.

As I stepped in the room,
I noticed your face.
I noticed your beauty,
your elegance,
your grace.
I walked in your direction,
to make my presence known.
I was greeted by your pretty smile,
But on this day your smile shone.
I gazed at your other features,
that made you who you are.
your eyes,
your hair,
your body,
your the best I've seen by far.
I knew this night was magic,
I felt this night to be great
we talked
we danced
we made it a date.
but then that time came
went that evening came to a close.
we came to gether once more
you still sweet smelling like a rose.
you thanked me for my company
and the fun time that we shared
and then that Moment came,
and to be honest i was kinda scared.
Your body came real close to mine,
our heads tilted to the side.
Our lips came together at last,
And they were in for a ride.
As we kissed that was the moment.
I though I never see.
The moment that truly stated.
That I love you,
and you love me.