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Some More of my Poetry

So whats going on people. The A. D. is here bringing you a little more of my thoughs and ideas Into the World ! Something NEW for ya in the 98 ! I hope that you enjoy the pieces as much as i enjoyed writing them.

Who I Am .. by Aaron D. Stallworth

Stot, wait , look....

You say that "He is Just another black man."

But you must dig deeper to fully know and Understand Who I am .

So who am I ?

I am a Loving Son to my mother who has done so much for me.

I am a Big Brother to my two sisters who are my heart and soul.

I am a Nephew to my Uncle who support never ceases.

I am a Student tring to get Mine so that I can give to someone else.

I am a Friend in which I am always there in the time of need

But most of all ...

I am a Child Of God In which I shall continue to bring

forth my light to all that I meet.

So I told you who I am ...

Who Are You ?


Im in Love, It really easy to see
With you, the person with who I really want to be
You stole my heart and made it weak
Everytime that Im around you, its hard for me to speak
Your in my thoughs as I watch your every move
I hope for a relationship that will stay in the right groove
I dream of you and the magic that you cause
Every time your name comes up it causes me to pause
I cant thank you enough for coming into my life
Maybe if things work out, you could be my wife.

A child ..

As Im walking down the street I see a


Playing with a ball with little to no


only about 3 or 4 not fully understanding


and all of the special details about it


I cant help to wonder what will become of this


Who will be there for them, who will


them the right direction will this child have a


to show the world its talents or will another one


the Dust, I just cant let that happen I must


a role model for them a


Influence on the child life and


that with the proper parental guidence that this


will grow up right and then i will no longer see a


but I will be watching an


I wrote this poem for my mother .. Deborah A. Stallworth


I often take the time to think about my father
and what he is doing right now
And although my father was never physcialy here for me
his absence indeed has made me stronger
because I had to grow up without learing the basics
no one there to show me how to fish or drive
no one there to tell me about girls
there was only my mother who by herself
taught me
how to be a man with out a man around
how to stand up with out fighting
how to be heard with out shouting
how to love with out embracing
and she showed me that I had another "heavenly" father that would
always be there for me
and I know that by God's everlasting love that I am here today
so I have many fathers but i never thought that my father would be
my mother as well

My Life

I Often Look back on
my life
I had my ups and
but i never question what I've done
the many people that have touched me
all the good friends I have
all the love in my life
Make up who I am now
Over 20 years on this
earth has shown me that
My life is a special one
and It doesn't end at 21
I just keeps
going and going
And By the Grace of God
allowing me to continue on
my Journey of life
Being a light to all that i meet
showing them how my light
has brought me through
And maybe this light
will be shared
with another life
which has a story
all itself .

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