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Many of us have created Web pages in the last year or so and there are always soming more that you want to add or do .. Trust me I am the exact same way but there are many places and web sites that you can visit that will provide you with help and answers to all of your questions.

Basic HTML

I know that we all want to master the art of writing HTML and understanding all of the tags we here is a few sights that will give you some direction.

NCSA A beginner's Guide to HTML
Here is a site that has detailed information on many of the widly used html tags and their uses. The guide comes in three parts for easier use.
Frames Tutor
Here is how I learned to do frames this simple tutoral goes step by step into putting together the perfect frames page
A Guide to Webpage Design
Here a site were you will find all kinds of help Including JAVA !!
HTMLementary !!!
The Site that take HOMEPAGES one step at a time .. Worth checking out.

Where to put your web page

Well you have created the perfect web page and wondering where to but it so that all can check it out well I have a few places that will provide FREE space for your works of art !!
The most popular of sites that gives you 2.0 KB of space to post your page it also has a quick page editor that allows you the opportutiny to throw a page together without any prior HTML experience.
Another free site that has a few gliches but not that many. I would use this one if you are looking for an extra place to put grapics or pages

How Did You Do that Aaron ??

Now I know that you are wondering how in the world did I do some of the effects on the page well Here is where you will find the steps and the files and scripts that you need to heighten any webpage that you own !!

How Do I put Music on my page ?

Alright the most popular of all the questions that I have been asked requires this simple tag after the < body > tag in your HTML script

< embed src="" hidden=true Autostart=true >

Where in this tag you replace the midi file that I have with the one of your own .. either midi or wav files will work with this.

How did you do the water pic with the shades

The water effect is a Java Class called Lake.class or applet what it does is take your pic doubles it in lenght and adds a water effect to it now I has had some problems with it over the last few weeks but Here is the class along with the Instructions on how to use it ...

Download Lake.Class
The Instructions !!

I want that cool Intro that you had..

One of the most popular questions that I recieve its is based on a Java Class called CreditRoll.class you can download it here Along with instructions ..

Download CreditRoll.Class

The Instructions !!

Now there is Still much more to come so check back often .. !!!