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ME and My Family ....

Here is my Family .. At my mothers Graduation ... She was getting her Degree In Nursing !!!

Here is my mother Deborah, Whom I love very Dearly !! This was Easter Sunday of '95.

Here is my sister Christa and I when we were at the Merrymead Farm for a class trip. Check out our specs!!!

My two sisters Nichole and Christa, chilling at the Farm. ( I know the pic is DARK ! )

Here is me and my sister Nichole... Back in the day !! We were in Germany with our parents.

Here is one with my Grandfather James, and my two sisters Nichole and Christa (eating the water ice). They were at my high school graduation.

Here is my younger sister Christa with her friend. It was her 7th Birthday and the party was at Discovery Zone. Guest who was the host :)

Here is my uncle Bernard or Wood for short.. He is da man !!!

Here is my uncle's godson, Troy... Now at a time !

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