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Heres is how it all began ....

I was born on March 20, 1977 at 2:08am at the University of Pennslyvania Hospital.

After I was born I Lived in Alabama for a while.. Here is one when i was 2 years old.

My first sister was born when i was only 2 !! Here is me and Nichole Playing on the floor during christmas.

I knew i was a world class baseball player !! Here is me getting my cuts at my sisters Pinata for her second Birthday party ...

Look at me chilling with my fathers hat on ... Looking like the Big Shot *S*

I loved to get dressed up for Easter.. Is this sharp or what !!!

I had to eat the most important meal of the day .. *S*

I also lived for outdoor adventures ....

Me Looking all Innocent *S*

now me and nikki loved bathtime back in the day !!!

Aint no party like a Aaron D. Party .... This is my 4th birthday party !!

here is me and my braids .. arent they cute *S*

Me and My mother on a ride .. I was 1 and a Half

Here is me and My lil sister chilling in the crib

Me and my mother chilling at the house
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