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And what about you Aaron ...

Here's ... Aaron ....

So any good reason for checking this page out is that you wanted to know something about me... or to get a deeper look in to the world that I live in... For a brief insight to what I look like Iím 5í9Ē 175 lb. Small on size big in heart ! Dark skinned (of course) with black hair. Iím very athletic and try my best to keep in shape. Im 22, you will be amazed at were does the time go .. Iím a Senior at Beaver College , Majoring in Computer Science But i have asperations to teach ... I love to work with children... ( even worked with them at Discovery Zone one of my favorite jobs) I feel that I can be a positive influence in a childís life. Iím the first of three children.. I have lived in Philadelphia mostly all my life... But I do have aspirations to travel elsewhere.... Iím very involved in my school...I work as a computer technician on campus, I announce the menís and womenís Basketball games. Iím also a DJ for the schools radio station. I plan to start my internship this fall, Im still working on where .. and I also do my own web development on the side called "Doc's Creations" So as u can see I lead a busy life... I do however enjoy music (all types) I love to go out and just hang with friends.
I believe that, being an African-American should not hinder me from aspiring to do my best.. Never settle for second best... WE all need to work together for the good... Like an expression goes ďNobody can do Everything... But Everybody can do Something...."
Well people have been asking me .. Aaron ... I know there is more to your Life than Just THAT ?? Well I looked at my page and said ..You know your RIGHT !! So Just a few more tidbits for you .. *S*

Yea Im at if you dont believe me .. then check my ID ... *S*

Well I DO love basketball .. It has been One of my favorite sports next to Football !!! Im a Die Hard Fan My Uncle Played for the Steelers Back in the late 70's. John Stallworth the REAL #82 He was Awesome !!! I enjoy baseball My favorite player is no other than HANK AARON The HOME RUN KING !! Well I am a DJ !! Check me out getting My flow on in the station.. *S* My Show WBVR Jams comes on Every Tues from 12p - 2p and I love it .. actually I enjoy all types of Music, Gospel, R & B... Kirk Franklin ... the Man is Like all that !!! .. I love his God's Property CD and I will RUN it a FEW time too .. *S* I also Love Janet Jackson !! She has a Wonderful Voice and she looks good too.. *S* I Have a favorite food .. its french fries . !! When I was a kid I Grew up watching Fat Albert There was nothing that you could tell me HE WAS THE MAN !!!
Even Had to Give my MAN Buckwheat Props !!

Well This is Just a Start .. When I find more .. I will put it here Ok ... ?

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