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One Of My favorite things to do is meet new people. And I always seem to do just that whenever I get on WBS Chat Rooms .. I mean there is So many Unique people and interesting conversation How could you not have fun .. well I have been chatting for almost 2 years now and each year it gets better .. so if you come and check me out .. Im Doctor Black in the Afro-American Room So Holla At me !! And Here Are some of The Things That Im Involved with in this little chat world.

Hey - thats me !!!

After about my first year of chatting .. I hooked up with This Tight Group Called the Which was headed by the one and Only Tommy Hillz. He and I became Cool real Quick and then I became EX F.A.M. # 5 !! now I was Part of the Family ... and I was always repersenting !! As I beacame the Offical Doctor Of The F.A.M Squad aka The F.A.M. M.D. *S*

To check out the F.A.M.'s Homepage click Here .

So After getting to know peeps a little better I found that there was some Philly Peeps On WBS .. located in other states. My Boy GQ6 started Philly's Finest Incorporated In which I am now the Executive Vice President. Here is a group where all the Philly Peeps come together and Just rap about whats going on at the Homefront .. Real Cool

Now About a Year and a Half Into chatting ... This New Group of Superchaters Began .. *L* The Fuggrangers
Now My man ... Illbedamn came up with the Idea ... and then RODE with it .. all the way to having Beast and Weapon Master rangers.... I am now the Platinum Sai Weaponmaster, equiped with my own pic ... See .

Well If you are DYING to know more .. check out the Site Here

I had the opportunity to attend a WBS Bash for the First Time .. Let me say that It was OFF The Hook !!! All the peeps were Cool and I had One Heck Of a time I guess you are wondering if I got Pics .. Well OF course !!! I am Doc Black !! Check out my page For the Bash Pics Here .

Now the only thing left for me to Do in chat is to start my Own group .. Well I did !!! I created I.C.O.N which is short for Inovative Chatter on the Net !! The Appication Process is now begining but Im feeling that this is going to be the start of something BIG !!