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Aaron Stallworth
450 S. Easton Rd
Glenside, PA 19038
United States

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Well hello... you have entered the world of Aaron D. Stallworth .. its been almost a year since this page has been up and in that year a lot of things do change... but is all good here so Thanks for stopping by...
So any good reason for checking this page out is that you wanted to know something about me... or to get a deeper look in to the world that I live in... For a brief insight to what I look like Iím 5í9Ē 175 lb. Small on size big in heart ! Dark skinned (of course) with black hair.(check out the pic at the bottom) Iím very athletic and try my best to keep in shape. Iím a Junior at Beaver College, Majoring in Early childhood education... I love to work with children... ( even worked with them at Discovery Zone one of my favorite jobs) I feel that I can be a positive influence in a childís life. Iím the first of three children... Living now in Philadelphia. I presently a Manager Trainee at the local McDonalds in Germantown. I lived in Philadelphia mostly all my life... But I do have aspirations to travel elsewhere.... Iím very involved in my school... Iím the Co-Chair of the Beaver College Gospel Choir and I announce the menís and womenís Basketball games, Iím also a DJ for the schools radio station. So as u can see I lead a busy life... I do however enjoy music (all types) I love to go out and just hang with friends
I believe that, being an African-American should not hinder me from aspiring to do my best.. Never settle for second best... WE all need to work together for the good... Like an expression goes ďNobody can do Everything... But Everybody can do Something....
I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for making me, me cause God does not make mistakes !!! He is was and always will be my everything. My mother Deborah, who has been both my mother and my father... I thank you for your patience, your love for me ... and your support for everything... without you... my 20 years of life would be in vain. To my two sisters Nichole and Christa.... I love both of you .. you two have been there through it all... To my Uncle Bernard... you have been a second father to me .. and you were always there for me .. like I am for you .. I love you.... To All my friends in life .. you all made me what I am today .. your influences all played a part. .. To my best friend Milton.... we have been through it all .. and u know that Iím always here.. To the Germantown/Lankenau class of 1995 .. you all get much props .... I only wish you all the best in life... Always REPRESENT !!! To the administration, faculty, staff and students of Beaver College.. thanks for making me feel at home ... You all are a great group of people... To all my internet friends ... NEO crew ... hey we may be miles apart but we always related .. thanks for sharing ... to the African American Room of WBS..... thanks for being you ... no fronting ... And for all those that I missed I thank you too....
Well I hope that you enjoy the page.. there has been a lot of changes to it within the year but Iím sure that they will all be enjoyed.... If you have any questions you can drop me a email . Please sign the guestbook.. It will make me feel good !!! And I hope to hear from you soon.... PEACE AND GOD BLESS....

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Beaver College: If you are intersted in the school that im at or if you NEVER heard of Beaver College Check It out !
Nintendo Home Page: For all you gamers out there Like me this one is for you !
WBS Chat Rooms: If you want to get your chat on here is one of the places to do it !!
SS Animation: Check this out if you wants some cool grapics on your page.
THE RESORT.: My all time favorite chatline..Although i cant get trough it.
SoundAmerica: You want old themes songs from the classic shows here is a site to check out !!! : Some cool sounds can be found here !
f.a.m.ily HOMEPAGE: The Group that I hang with on WBS ... This is for my boy Tommy Hillz ..*DAPZ*
McDonalds Homepage...: Yes i am a lil Calvin..... Im a Manager Trainee now !!! Check the page out !!

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